Asshole Repellent

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as seen on back label …. Let`s face it. The world`s full of Assholes. Whether they`re at the mall, behind the wheel, at the supermarket, or at the gas station, they`re everywhere. They`re Assholes, and you just can`t avoid them. Now you can stick it back to em` with Asshole Repellent. What is Asshole Repellent? It`s ordinary air that displaces cause and effect over and over again.The planet will run out of Assholes before you`ll run out of Asshole Repellent; and we both know that is not happening. You get our drift.Comes completely assembled.Whoever said Assholes live long and prosper,never had A can of Asshole Repellent.So the next time you run into an Asshole that you tried to avoid, let em` know that you know, that they know, that you know that they`re an ASSHOLE….with ASSHOLE REPELLENT….!!