How to Play

Worried that your white elephant gift exchange party may end in a family/office brawl? Make sure your White Elephant party stays civil, check out these rules on how to happily, and safely, play!

  1. Pretty much the most important part. Make sure everyone knows to bring a gift. Thanks to Blanco Elephante, that doesn’t need to be MONTHS in advance. They can find gifts quickly and easily!
  2. Do a number drawing system to find out the order in which everyone will choose gifts. This can also be done in order of age, height, weight, years they went to school, I.Q., etc. etc.
  3. The game starts when the first person chooses an unwrapped gift. They get to open it, gasp at the awesome Blanco Elephante gift idea that they got, and happily sit while the game moves on to the next turn.
  4. The second person can either choose an unwrapped gift or “steal” the gift from the person in front of them. Since the first person got handerpants, it’s most likely person #2 will “steal them”.
  5. If your gift is “stolen”, try to stop crying and decide your next option between: choosing and opening a wrapped gift, or “stealing” from someone else.
  6. No gift can be stolen back-to-back, saving what could easily be a grueling, 8 hour White Elephant game over the amazing inflatable unicorn hat for cats that your Aunt Mildred and Aunt Wanda desperately want.
  7. The next turn starts when a wrapped gift is unopened.
  8. The White Elephant extravaganza ends when every wrapped gift has been opened (and usually when everyone, except for Uncle Phil, who got the emergency underpants, is upset that they missed out on Blanco Elephante gift ideas).