Sex Panther Cologne

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NO International Shipping(US ONLY) Sex Panther Cologne. Offically Licensed Anchorman product. Yea you know you want it! That nasty animalistic scent of a raging beast is sure to turn you into the sex animal you know you are. Sex Panther Cologne is a Cologne, a manly cologne, so don’t even try wearing it if you are not manly or it will melt your face off like the guy at the end of Indiana Jones. How do i put it on, some ask? Most people unscrew the cap, apply it by the handful to every ounce of exposed skin and pour generous amounts down the pants. It would be unwise to drink it directly out of the bottle as no human being could possibly endure that, except for Superman or Kitty Dukakis. How does Sex Panther Cologne Work? Remember that guy in San Diego who stole the tank and drove over cars on the freeway for like four hours? It’s like that except in cologne form. If you don’t agree you need to put more on. What else do I know about Sex Panther Cologne? Two Words: Mustache Rides. Sex Panther Cologne may, or may not contain any of the following ingredients: Elk, Bunny, Dolphin The Mammal, not the Fish), Bear and even possibly Beaver. Ron Burgandy. 60% of the time, it works every time. **Currently unable to ship outside of US. InterINTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF US UNAVAILABLE**