Snittens -The Original Snot Mittens


Snittens -The Original Snot Mittens-are the funny but functional gift for the guy who spends time in the great outdoors in the winter. If you are running, hiking, or skiing, or even working or standing in the cold, your eyes start to water and your nose starts to run. What to do, what to do. Packing and USING TISSUES is too inconvenient…and what are you going to do with all that snot-soaked tissue dissolving into your pocket? CARRYING A HANDKERCHIEF is cool…if you’re a great grandpa, if you even own one. Hacking is disgusting. Sometimes effective, but always disgusting. There seem to be two options left: You can USE YOUR SLEEVE (very gross) or just LET IT RUN ONTO YOUR UPPER LIP and around (or across) your mouth and freeze in place (hello snotsicle). There were no good options…until now. Introducing Snittens-The Original Snot Mittens, a convenient, easy place to place your snot and tears when you are outside in the cold. Snittens are made of a PROPRIETARY MATERIAL designed to give you MAXIMUM ABSORBENCY and GOOD THERMAL PROPERTIES. The material is very DURABLE and can withstand repetitive teasing and washing in detergent and hot water (please wash your Snittens after each use and before shaking hands with your bro). They are built to absorb and built to last. As a funny gift for men or a great gag gift, Snittens are entertaining and handy (no pun intended), and are a perfect gift for Christmas, Father’s Day, 30th 40th 50th 60th 70th but not 80th birthdays (Octogenarians should be somewhere warm and dry this time of year and not outside with the rest of us fools). Anyway, buy ’em, wear ’em and wash ’em. Thanks.